CEO, Woman Owned Environmental Engineering Firm

Doug Reed of FosterGrowth has been an essential part of our corporate sustainable growth plan. Doug has helped us to understand barriers to growth and how to identify strategic actions that will clear them from our path before they arrive. As our corporate advisor, his coaching lead to a substantial profit increase and his guidance on collaborative sales pursuits has landed record business for the firm. My senior managers look to Doug as a mentor to both accelerate their individual careers and to also gain business skills to cement client relationships, manage production and maintain QA/QC. With Doug’s support, positive energy abounds, our employees are fully engaged and the future is bright.

Regional Office Manager, Environmental Services Firm,

"Our objective in retaining FosterGrowth was to increase our revenue and profit. FosterGrowth conducted an assessment of our client managers, sales staff and marketing programs, lead workshops with this staff and as well as staff across our northeast regional offices of our parent organization to assess our strengths and goals, develop a Strategic Plan which lead to a Marketing Communication Plan with metrics. FosterGrowth provided group and one on one sales training and coaching on customer relationships and sales, and a supporting CRM process. Our sales staff is exceeding their prior performance, and our digital marketing and print advertising is more effective. FosterGrowth also supported our start-up of a laboratory business in a new geography which is contributing to our growth.

Doug Reed of FosterGrowth quickly got to know and be valued by our staff. He is easy to work with, full service, provided enduring advice and tools, in a timely manner, and adapted to our needs. The tools and strategies that Doug brought to our businees will be utilized by our staff to generate new business for years to come."

CEO, confidential $10 million multi-office services firm

"FosterGrowth has been invaluable to me and our Division Managers by showing us how we can reach far higher than our historical growth and profit trends. He did this by working directly with our team, grasped our culture and values, taught us how to create an achievable strategy and tactically, he coached us to focus on the highest ROI marketing, sales, and pricing activities."

President, Construction Management Firm,

"I have found myself using many of the techniques from the training."

President, confidential small engineering firm

"After over 20 years of owning my own engineering consulting firm, I was concerned about how to retire, realize the value of my firm, and protect my loyal employees. provided me with valuation services, helped me to communicate my company’s advantages, and worked by my side to negotiate with a new partner and create far greater equity than I thought possible."

President, confidential $20 million direct mail advertising company

"While my business has been successful over its 20 years, we were becoming a commodity and high-tech start-ups were threatening our market share. FosterGrowth showed us why and how to re-align the business. His workshops with my 20 franchise owners rallied the owners to support a critical evolution of the firm while maintaining our core values. We are now taking advantage of technology, such as internet sales and smartphone applications to accelerate growth and boost the value of my business."

Joren Fishback, Owner, Derek Associates, Inc. (business partner)

"Every once in a while you have the pleasure and luck to work with someone who "gets it". They bring that rare combination and insight that allows them to see the strategic aspects of their company's goals and objectives, and to see how that ties back to business development and marketing strategies that supports the firm to achieve those goals.  They also understand the idiosyncrasies of working with senior management, and have the ability to hone in on the nitty-gritty evaluation of the business process with the skill to disseminate those details that impact the growth and decision-making process. I found this rare combination in working with Doug. If you value these qualities as I do, then I highly recommend working with Doug, so you can experience this difference yourself."

Helen Gordon, PE, Senior Vice President - Board of Directors, Woodard & Curran (colleague)

"I have known Doug for many years. He is one of those engineers who truly understands the importance of leveraging business acumen with engineering capabilities to solve client problems. He has the ability to really get to the heart of what the client need is even when they may not realize what they need. Doug's willingness to share his insights and abilities with others either as a mentor or a consultant is a wonderful gift."

Bob Hatcher, Miller Heiman Sales Consultant, Miller Heiman (business partner)

"Doug is one of the most progressive and thoughtful business executives I know. He is a firm believer in a business development process and brought me in to work with his team and other leaders within SEA. His leadership is a large part of why SEA has grown much faster than other companies in that space."

Kathy Serafin, Business Development Associate, S E A Consultants (colleague)

"I am so thankful to Doug for all the advice and sales training he has given me over the years. He has such a keen insight to what a client needs and how to give them what they are looking for. Doug genuinely cares about his clients and his staff. He wants people to be successful and goes out of his way to help in any way he can."

Joe Shea, PE, Senior Vice President, Woodard & Curran (colleague)

"Doug is a classicly trained engineer who has the social awareness and emotional intelligence to add value on issues ranging from personal development to strategic project planning. His largest asset is his ability to blend his knowledge of technical issues with the 'soft side' of human interaction and understanding - a skill that eludes many engineers. Doug has been of great assistance to my personal and professional success."

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